Pet owners urged to avoid feeding their dog human food

Monday, 24th January 2011

Dog owners have been advised to give their animal specialist dog food, it has been claimed.

Caroline Dorsett-Pate, executive director of the Galveston Island Humane Society, expressed her belief that pet owners should avoid offering their animals human food.

She told Galveston County Daily News: "I know some people who drive through [US fast-food outlet] Jack-in-the-Box and get their dog a burger.

"It's just not healthy; it doesn't give them the nutrients they need. You shouldn't feed a dog that stuff. Dogs just can't process that."

Ms Dorsett-Pate advised consumers to consult their vet before purchasing dog food for the first time as they can offer tips on what products will suit animals of a particular age, activity level and health.

Furthermore, organic and premium dog foods may be worth the extra cost, she added, as animals require less food if they are on an organic diet.