Pet Spaniel senses cancer in owner

Wednesday, 28th September 2011

A pet Spaniel will be in for some dog food treats after helping its owner discover she had cancer.

Brenda Jones, from South Wales, was diagnosed with breast cancer after her dog, Mrs Murphy, alerted her to the problem through her unusual behaviour.

She was sitting on my lap all the time, something she didn’t normally do. She would nuzzle against my breast and she was staring at me," Ms Jones said.

"She jumped up and her paw caught my left breast.

"It really hurt ... when I looked and felt my breast I could feel a lump."

Ms Jones added that she is convinced her dog sensed the cancer and that without Mrs Murphy's intervention, her tumour would not have been diagnosed.

This story comes following research by published in the European Respiratory Journal by scientists Schillerhoehe Hospital in Germany.

It revealed that dogs can diagnose lung cancer through their sense of smell.