People may be picking breeds based on looks, charity says

Wednesday, 14th March 2012

A number of people appear to be choosing breeds based on appearance rather than if the animal will suit their lifestyle, a charity has warned.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has said it has witnessed an increase in the number of pedigree dogs being handed in.

Among the top ten breeds taken in by the charity are Jack Russell Terriers, Lurchers, Bull Mastiffs, Boarder Collies and German Shepherd dogs.

Ali Taylor, head of canine welfare and training at Battersea, said: "In the last year Battersea has taken in almost 6,000 dogs. Unfortunately there are people who continue to choose dogs on appearance without fully understanding what they are taking on.

"We cannot stress enough to any potential owner that they must properly research the breed they are interested in."

Staffordshire Bull Terriers currently top the list of breeds cared for by the charity, with this type making up 37 per cent of all dogs it receives.

The charity recently announced it had seen a surge of people searching for Cocker Spaniels after it was announced the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have one.