People 'do not understand the demands of Jack Russell pups'

Wednesday, 24th August 2011

People who decide to get a Jack Russell pup may be well aware that it needs dog food, walks and dog toys.

However, they may not realise certain personality traits of the breed that make them hard work.

The Blue Cross has reported it has experienced a 16 per cent increase in the number of Jack Russells being brought in.

Julie Bedford, head of behaviour at the charity, explained: "People don't understand the demands of these energetic and bright dogs before they take them on.

"They may be small but they are certainly not lap dogs. They were originally working dogs, bred for fox hunting, they need lots of stimulation and exercise and have typical terrier tenacity, meaning they love to grab and shake things."

She added if Jack Russells get bored, they can develop behaviour problems or show signs of aggression, but if they are given plenty to do, they are "wonderful, rewarding pets".

The Duchess of Cornwall recently adopted a 12-week-old Jack Russell pup from Battersea Dogs & Cats home. She told the Daily Mail how she couldn't wait to introduce Beth to the family.