Owning a dog 'benefits the entire community'

Wednesday, 28th September 2011

People who buy dog food for their pets and take them for walks regularly are benefiting both themselves and the community.

That is according to Dr Sandra McCune, an animal behaviourist based in Leicestershire, who explained that dog owners are more likely to have an active lifestyle because of their pet, reports Reuters.

She revealed that as well as keeping their owners healthy, having a dog also helps with social interaction.

"If people go out with a dog, they're more likely to have a conversation," Dr McCune told the news provider.

"Dogs are strong drivers of social capital ... Dog ownership benefits the entire community."

However, people who are thinking about getting a dog should make sure they get a breed that will suit their lifestyle.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club spokeswoman, said that before choosing a breed, people should consider how much time they can spend on the dog, such as grooming, energy and space needs.