Owners organise £6k 'wedding' for besotted dogs

Wednesday, 28th November 2012

A couple of pet owners have been labelled as 'barking mad' after they spent thousands of pounds on a 'wedding' for their four-legged friends.

Pooches Scruffy and Snickers met over the summer when their owners were holidaying at the same Californian beach resort.

And, according to the owners, it was "love at first sight" for the pair, with a swift engagement – complete with a crystal-studded collar for Scruffy, a Jack Russel Chihuahua cross – soon followed by a £6,000 wedding, the Mirror reports.

"We just thought it would be a fun excuse to have a little party but then we ended up sending out invitations and more and more people wanted to come and in the end it turned into this massive event," explained the owners of three-year-old Snickers, a Lhasa Apso.

Just recently, the Chicago Tribune ran a story on a pair of pet cats from Michigan who have accompanied their owners on their holidays right across North America, making them among the world's best-travelled felines.