Owners of older dogs should watch for change in appetite

Tuesday, 21st February 2012

Owners should take note if their older dog wants more or less pet food as this could be an indication that they need pet medication.

Speaking to jacksonnewspapers.com, Stephanie Sosniak, of the Northwoods Animal Hospital in Wisconsin, US, said that people with dogs over the age of seven should continually watch for changes in appetite or thirst.

If there is a change, owners should schedule an appointment with a vet, as early diagnosis of problems can be very important to the animal’s health.

Ms Sosniak also noted that owners should implement a dental care problem. She told the news provider: "Many pet owners are unaware that their dog has a tooth problem."

Last year, research revealed that almost two million cats and dogs in the UK needed pet medication for dental problems.

Sainsbury’s Finance found that the average cost of a dental claim on pet insurance was £200, so urged owners to go to the vet for regular dental checks.