Owner inspired to lose weight after pet went on healthy diet

Tuesday, 7th August 2012

A woman has managed to lose 15 stone after her pet lost almsot half its body weight by going on a healthy dog food diet.

Lindsey Evans had been used to sharing chocolate, crisps and biscuits with her dog Millie but vets were shocked at the dog’s weight when she had to go for an operation.

Millie was put on a crash diet and dropped from nine stone down to five. Inspired by her pet’s success, Ms Evans told the Daily Mail: "I thought if my dog Millie can do it so can I.

"I am quite severely disabled and I always just assumed that without exercise I could never lose weight, but Millie couldn't walk far either because she has bad legs, and once I saw her lose weight just through her diet I knew I could do it too."

Ms Evans added that losing the weight has changed her life and if Millie had not shown her the way, she would not have been able to do it.

Walking dogs can be a great way to stay fit and lose weight, as just 15 minutes of brisk walking can burn 100 calories.