Online dog food sales on the rise

Tuesday, 11th January 2011

Sales of online dog food have steadily increased over the past six years, according to new research.

UK-based online pet food retailer Swell Pets has analysed both national and international internet search data which revealed that searches for dog food have been rising steadily since 2004.

Antony Steadman, a spokesman for Swell Pets, expressed his belief that thousands of consumers are looking to purchase their dog food online, rather than from the supermarket or pet shop, as it is often cheaper on the internet.

He said: "The ability to get well-known premium dog food brands such as Arden Grange dog food and IAMS Dog Food at low prices, along with free next day delivery for many orders, means that online retailers are persuading more and more people to switch to buying dog food online."

It follows recent research from analyst firm, BDO and the British Retail Consortium which revealed online sales helped to make up for poor in-store sales figures over the Christmas period.