Norman the skateboarding superdog

Friday, 8th February 2013

While most pooch owners are familiar with the regular routine of serving up dog food before heading off with your hound for a walk, for one canine owner in the US it is a case of providing tuck before allowing their furry friend to set off on his scooter!

Karen Cobb is the proud owner of the aforementioned dog, Norman, who this week hit the headlines after embarking on a series of high-speed adventures of the wheeled variety.

Speaking at her home in Atlanta, Georgia, Ms Cobb explained how the wheelie-wild craze first started.

"We were introducing him to kids’ toys in the back yard and we put him on the scooter and he loved it. He didn’t want to get off," she said.

A popular fixture on the US television circuit, the dog is capable of riding on a bike, scooter and even a skateboard as the Standard reports.

With these kinds of rides available, it could add a whole new dimension to the standard game of fetch.