New scheme to help socialise puppies launched

Monday, 20th February 2012

Puppies can be trained in a number of ways, including through dog food treats and other rewards for good behaviour.

However, if people do not take the time to properly train their animal from a young age, it can develop social problems, with some owners then giving up the dog because of its bad behaviour.

To prevent this from happening, the Dogs Trust and the Kennel Club has have launched a scheme called Puppy Plan, which aims to help breeders and owners give puppies the best start in life.

Puppy Plan will be available at Dogs Trust rehoming centres, which will provide basic training to puppies born onsite and ones those brought in to the charity.

Caroline Kisko, communications director for the Kennel Club, said: "Many breeders and owners understand the importance of socialisation, but there is not as much advice or support for either party which covers the puppy from birth through those important early weeks.

"The Puppy Plan ... ensures the breeder and new owner have all the support possible to prepare puppies for a long, happy, healthy life."

The biggest cause of death in dogs under the age of two is euthanasia because of behavioural problems.