New high-tech collar to help owners keep on top of dogs’ exercise regimes

Tuesday, 27th November 2012

Pet owners will soon be able to keep track of their dogs’ daily exercise routine and keep all the information on the cloud.

In a world first, Japan’s Fujitsu is set to launch a new digital pedometer for dogs, with the device designed so it can be clipped onto a pet’s collar.

As well as keeping tabs on how many steps a pooch has taken, the high-tech gadget can also be linked up to the internet, allowing owners to upload all the relevant data onto the cloud for future consultation.

At present, the device is only set to be launched in Japan, with the Asian country well-known for its pampered pets, with owners spending large sums of money on the best pet food and accessories.

However, a Fujitsu spokesman has noted: “We are considering launching abroad, but no decision has been reached yet.”

This comes as the Miami Herald reports on a Florida company that has launched a range of dog collars fitted with LED designs.