New West End production stars dogs

Wednesday, 2nd March 2011

People organising Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest musical production may have to invest in dog food for the duration of the show as it stars four dogs.

Wizard of Oz has opened at the London Palladium and stars Danielle Hope, an 18-year-old who won the lead role on the BBC talent contest Over the Rainbow.

The story tells the tale of Dorothy, a young girl who is transported to a far away land and makes her way to the Emerald City in the hope of finding her way home.

Starring alongside Ms Hope as Toto, Dorothy's faithful dog, are four West Highland Terriers, named Bobbie, Topper, Razzle and Dazzle, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Ms Hope revealed that she got on well with all of her four-legged cast members.

"There are four Totos, all completely different, and I've had to work individually with each one. I absolutely love dogs - I've got a labrador at home - and I really do feel like I've made a connection with all.

"It's so important because Toto is Dorothy's only friend until she meets the boys in Oz," she told the news provider.