Miraculous dog returns home after tornado

Friday, 27th May 2011

A pooch from Alabama will no doubt be pleased to be eating dog food and sleeping in its bed after being lost following the tornado that hit Birmingham, Alabama recently.

Mason, a terrier mongrel, had been hiding in his owner's garage when the tornado sucked up the building.

However, 20 days after the disaster struck, Mason turned up on his owner's porch, having sustained two fractured legs.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Mason was then taken to William Lamb, a vet at a nearby animal care clinic who had volunteered at a local animal shelter to treat animals affected by the tornado.

The pooch underwent surgery to help him walk again and he is now recovering and learning how to move about on his splints.

Dr Lamb is quoted as saying: "He's doing great ... he's eating, he's drinking, he's just doing wonderful."

The tornado hit Alabama between April 25th and 28th. It was the largest tornado outbreak in US history.