Manchester gran teaches pooch to sign

Tuesday, 9th August 2011

A deaf pet pooch from Manchester has been taught the signal for dog food following lessons from its owner.

Snowy was rescued by great grandmother Lynne Chapman four years ago and, realising her pooch could not hear vocal commands, she picked up some sign language tips from a family friend, reports the Daily Mail.

Ms Chapman explained that the thought came to her after Snowy ran off and after chasing her and shouting at her to come back, she realised that this was pointless.

She told the news provider: "I stopped running and so did she. She turned round and I started signalling her to come back, and she responded straight away.

"Since then I have used signs to communicate with her.

"Snowy knows signs such as 'come here', 'on my lap', 'home', 'no' and 'food' - although she normally smells food when I put it down for her!"

Julie Threlfall, who works at the Society for Abandoned Animals in Sale, where Snowy came from, added that deaf dogs can lead "perfectly normal lives" through the help of sign language.