Man slits Lurcher puppy's throat because he did not want to pay vet bill

Friday, 9th December 2011

Instead of giving his Lurcher puppy into a rescue centre, where it would be looked after with dog food and a bed, a former abattoir butcher slit the animal’s throat.

Robert Humphries, 40, took Shadow to the vet and told them he wanted her put down or given into a rescue centre as he claimed it had attacked his 19-month-old daughter.

The vet told him it would cost £70 plus a £30 cremation fee. Mr Humphries said he could not afford it so the vet said it could be done for free.

However, instead of returning with the dog as he said he would, Mr Humphries took Shadow into his back garden and slit its throat with two kitchen knives.

Mr Humphries said the dog tried to attack him so he decided to kill her himself.

He then stabbed her repeatedly between the ribs to "finish her off" after she crawled away whimpering and bleeding.

The RSPCA found the animal in a wheelie bin with her legs tied in a plastic bag.

Mr Humphries was jailed for five months. Neil Scott, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said there was no evidence to suggest Shadow had attacked either Mr Humphries or his daughter.