Man gives dying Collie cross 'perfect last day'

Wednesday, 5th October 2011

One man decided to serve up sirloin steak instead of dog food as part of his "perfect last day" for his Collie cross, Duke.

Duke had been diagnosed with heart disease and was not given long to live by the vet, so owner Harry, from Minnesota, decided to spoil his dog, reports the Daily Mail.

For breakfast, Duke was served up a hamburger and bacon, following which he was left for a nap.

The dog was then taken out for a game of chase and taken to the town pond where he was given a number of dog food treats.

After another nap at home, Duke was taken out for another walk where there were lots of interesting smells.

At dinner, he was served sirloin steak chopped up and was allowed to sleep on Harry's bed.

Just a few weeks after his perfect day, Duke passed away and was buried in the bottom of the garden with some of his favourite red bouncy balls.

According to, heart disease affects about 15 per cent of dogs in the UK.