Lucky dog survives cliff fall

Wednesday, 20th July 2011

One lucky pooch will no doubt be enjoying its dog food after managing to survive a 150 ft fall off a cliff.

Sasha, a five-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, was chasing a goat when she fell off a cliff edge on Mount Ellinor, in the Olympic Mountains, Washington, reports the Daily Mail.

Owners Gwen Hall and Jim Krieger feared the worst as it took three days to rescue Sasha.

Mr Kreiger is quoted as saying: "We knew there wasn't much of a chance that she was alive but we had to try to find her."

However, the pooch was found and her only injury was a broken leg.

Ms Hall explained her reaction to finding out her beloved dog was still alive.

"It had been the worst two days of my life. Those rescue people were amazing. I couldn't believe they took the time out from work to help. It's an amazing and a humbling thing," she explained.