Lucky Jack Russell survives after eating festive ribbon

Thursday, 5th January 2012

A lucky Jack Russell somehow mistook three rolls of festive ribbon for dog food and scoffed the lot before his owner found him hiding under a bed.

Bob, from Leeds, needed life saving surgery from PDSA vets after they discovered the ribbon in his stomach from an X-ray.

Miriam Wilson, a vet nurse, said: "If left inside the stomach, a foreign body can cause all sorts of problems ... leading to a potentially deadly obstruction.

"We found huge amounts of red, gold and green Christmas ribbon, which could have blocked his stomach if it had been left there, so it was such a relief that we were able to remove it."

Sandy Sharp, Bob's owner, said she was very relieved when the vet called her to let her know the surgery was a success, adding that she was shocked at how much ribbon they had removed from her dog.

She also noted that she will be keeping a close eye on Bob from now on to make sure an incident like this does not happen again.