Lost dog returned just in time for Christmas

Friday, 30th December 2011

A lost dog will have been spoiled with dog toys and dog food treats after being returned home for Christmas following a three-month hiatus.

Three-year-old Buster went missing in October and despite his family searching for him, he could not be found.

However, Buster was involved in an accident on the M40 on December 14th, which resulted in his leg being amputated.

Vets at the RSPCA scanned for a microchip and it was discovered that Buster was owned by Gill Vitaro from Foxborough, near Slough.

Ms Vitaro said: "I was delighted and shocked all at the same time.

"Then I was told what had happened to him and I really found it all quite emotional.

"He's back home now and we are all delighted - it is the best Christmas present ever!"

She added that she would be interested to find out what happened to Buster in the time that he was missing, as he was found with a harness on so someone must have been caring for him.

Animal Collection Officer Dennis Lovell said that Buster's case highlights the importance of microchipping.