Lost cat in Anglesey found

Thursday, 15th December 2011

A pregnant cat from Anglesey that has been missing since the end of November has been found safe after surviving on dog food.

The cat, Puss Puss, was the subject of a 12-hour rescue operation at the beginning of December, but it turned out firefighters had spent 12 hours rescuing a toy cat.

However, the animal has now been found and is being cared for by owner?? Zoe Owen after Puss Puss was seen in a nearby garden having had her kittens, reports dailypost.co.uk.

Ms Owen told the news provider: “Her milk had almost dried up so we fear the kittens must have died at some point as she clearly had not been feeding them for a few days. Before we found her she had been surviving on dog food she had been taking from a shed.”

She added that she was very relieved to have the cat back safe but said it was a shame the kittens had not survived.