Local pub serves up dog food

Wednesday, 15th June 2011

A pet-friendly pub in Northumberland is not only serving food to its human patrons, but is also providing dog food to any hungry pooches that may turn up.

According to the Northumberland Gazette, the new owners of Ye Olde Cross - also known as the Dirty Bottles - in Alnwick have something of a soft spot for dogs.

Steve and Mandy Gilbert explained that they will be catering for humans and dogs alike.

Owners who purchase a meal from the pub will be given a free bowl of dog food for their four-legged friend.

Mr Gilbert is quoted as saying: "We are very dog-friendly and would like to see dog owners and non-dog owners alike."

According to the news provider, the nickname Dirty Bottles comes from an old town story. It reveals that a former landlord dropped stone dead while interfering with the bottles in a window display and that no one has touched the display for over two centuries.