Labrador refuses to go in the garden after moving house

Tuesday, 11th September 2012

A vet has said a Labrador who is refusing to go to the toilet in the garden needs training.

Dog food treats can be used to train a dog to do his business in the back garden.

That is according to Pete Wedderburn, a vet writing for the Daily Telegraph, who was contacted by a reader whose dog was having bathroom trouble.

After moving house, the two-year-old Labrador, Maisie, had started only going to the toilet on walks and not using the new back garden.

Dr Wedderburn said: "Dogs can be trained to 'go' on command, by repeating a particular key phrase such as “busy busy” and rewarding them in some way - with a food treat works well - while they are in the act of 'going'."

He added that if this is done on a regular basis while on walks, the owner should find they can encourage Maisie to go in the back garden.

After she has done it in the back garden once, the vet said she should start doing it on her own.

When moving house, Dogs Trust suggests packing dog toys, bedding and other equipment at the last moment so there are familiar things and smells around as soon as you arrive in the new house.