Labradoodle saves owner after ravine fall

Monday, 30th January 2012

A Labradoodle from Cornwall will no doubt be being spoiled with dog food treats after rescuing his owner from a ravine.

Maurice Holder, 73, was walking along a river near his home in Newquay when the ground gave way beneath him and he fell 40ft into a ravine.

He was unconscious for around 15 minutes and had broken six ribs. Luckily, however, his dog Monty was there to save the day.

Mr Holder said: "I woke up and the water had come up to my chest and I was aware that I was bleeding from my head. I looked around and saw Monty sat next to me."

Monty managed to help his owner get to level ground. He then ran off while Mr Holder tried to catch his breath.

"He came back around 15 minutes later with a nice gentleman who helped me back to the car and an ambulance came," he said.

Mr Holder added that Monty is the perfect pet and that while he is not always well behaved, he is always loyal when it matters.