King Charles Spaniel left without dog food for days

Monday, 10th October 2011

A King Charles Spaniel went for days without dog food after being zipped inside a suitcase and left on the side of a road.

The animal was found by a cyclist and was taken to a local branch of the Blue Cross, where staff explained the animal would not have survived much longer if it had not been discovered.

 Kathy Taylor, the vet who is looking after Watson, said: "Watson was in an awful state when he arrived at the hospital - he was really underweight and probably hadn’t eaten for days.

"He wouldn't have survived much longer if Mrs Butler hadn't found him. It's shocking to think that someone could have abandoned him like that - he’s such a sweet and friendly dog. "

The dog, which has been named Watston, was found in London. He does not have a microchip so tracing his owners will not be possible.

He is currently on a special dog food diet in hospital and once he is at a healthy weight, he will be taken to an adoption centre for rehoming.