Kennel Club: Dogs make 'fantastic companions'

Thursday, 2nd June 2011

Buying dog food and dog chew toys for your pooch may keep your four-legged friend happy, but the Kennel Club has also highlighted some of the reasons why having a pooch is good for you too.

A spokeswoman for the Kennel Club explained that dogs make for "fantastic companions" and help people both physically and mentally.

She said: "At the Kennel Club we have heard numerous stories about how a dog has helped bring a family together by providing a common interest and a reason to get out and walking as a family with the dog.

"Dog's make great companions, they help lift spirits when people are down, they provide support and reduce stress."

However, she added that dogs do come with a responsibility, which is worth bearing in mind before buying a dog collar and lead.

The spokeswoman also spoke of the physical benefits of dog ownership, explaining that they encourage people to go on long walks and hikes.