Keep your dog's teeth healthy by brushing them

Monday, 16th April 2012

Keeping your dog's teeth healthy and clean is vital as it will help them live longer and ensure they are happy.

Not looking after a dog's teeth can lead to gum disease, of which the warning signs are swollen or bleeding gums, eating dog food with one side of their mouth and bad breath.

The Telegraph's veterinary journalist Peter Wedderburn advised dog owners to brush their pet's teeth daily.

He urged the importance of using toothpaste specially designed for dogs, as human toothpaste can taste like a hot curry to canines.

Mr Wedderburn wrote: "The only challenging area for tooth-brushing is the lingual (tongue) aspect of teeth, which is difficult to reach."

This area can be reached by putting a dog on a dental diet, which can be achieved with Hills dog food, and by giving them safe chew toys that have been created to keep tooth surfaces plaque-free, he added.