John Krasinski glad to share dog duties with wife Emily Blunt

Thursday, 17th March 2011

Buying dog food and taking thier pooch on walks appears to be something newlywed's John Krasinski are happy to do.

Mr Krasinski has revealed that the couple had wanted to get a dog together and that eventually getting their Red Labrador was a confidence boost.

The Office star and his Devil Wears Prada wife got Finn recently and the actor explained that they are sharing the duties that come with looking after a dog.

He said: "It's a huge boost to your confidence in the other person when you see how willing and able they are to take care of something with you.

"Normally you'll see one person get sidelined with 'I don't want to pick up poop' or 'I forgot to give the flea and tick medicine'. The fact is that we're both fantastic."

Mr Krasinski and Ms Blunt married on July 10th last year in Italy. They began dating in 2008 after mutual friend Anne Hathaway introduced them.