Jealous pets to leave lovers in the doghouse this Valentine's Day

Wednesday, 13th February 2013

Everyone knows dogs can be a bit possessive of their toys, but it turns out they also have similar feelings towards their owners after a new study revealed that a high percentage of pets display signs of jealousy when their owners show signs of affection towards a partner.

This is bad news for any loved-up dog owners this Valentine's Day, with a large number of respondents in the survey admitting they often try to include their animals in hugs and other physical displays of affection with their partner so that their pets don't feel left out.

Seventy-three per cent of dog owners said their pet gets jealous when they show affection towards another human, displaying a range of behaviours ranging from barking and whining to physically trying to muscle in on the canoodling.

While it's important that pets feel loved, owners should not allow themselves to be bullied by their animals - especially if this comes at a cost to their love life. Rather than allowing your dog to nuzzle in on your hugs, try appeasing him or her with an extra generous serving of dog food this Valentine's Day, and save your loving for the special human in your life.