Ice-T gets his pooch a life jacket

Tuesday, 19th July 2011

As well as investing in dog food and dog chew toys, Ice-T has had to invest in a pet accessory that is a little out of the ordinary.

The rapper has splashed out on a life jacket for his Bulldog Spartacus after struggling to stay afloat while enjoying a dip, reports the Daily Mail.

In an episode of Ice Loves Coco, a new reality show documenting the life of the rapper and his wife, viewers see Spartacus taking a dip with Coco while on holiday.

However, after having trouble in the water, Spartacus gets a red life jacket that helps him splash around with ease.

Despite pleasing his pet pooch, Ice-T revealed he was less than thrilled at having to kit out his dog while on holiday.

The news provider quotes him as saying: "My idea of a vacation does not include screaming kids, spilt drinks and wrestling a wet bulldog into a life jacket."