High-rise flats 'no place for dogs'

Friday, 16th December 2011

People who live in high-rise flats should not have dogs is not fair on the animal, a woman has said.

Betty Stevenson, from the Edinburgh Tenants Federation, told the Edinburgh Evening News that councils should act to ban dog ownership in high-rise flats.

She told the news provider: "No-one living in a high rise should have a dog, whoever they are. It's by far the most complained about issue we get, whether it’s the intimidation factor or dog mess.

"High flats are no places for dogs – it’s cruel to keep them in there and I hope the council acts."

Even if people who live in high-rise flats give their pet a good dog food diet, they may not be able to get out to do their business and get enough exercise.

Her comments follow a call for a ban on keeping dogs in high-rise flats after five people were mauled by a dog called Big Daddy in a Leith tower block.

Gordon Munro, Leith councillor, said it would not be fair to target responsible dog owners but said there needs to be a review policy to tackle the issue.