Greedy pooch 'breaks into fridge'

Thursday, 7th July 2011

Not satisfied with her own dog food, one greedy pooch has been breaking into her owners fridge and eating the entire contents - even if the grub is sealed in a wrapper.

Writing to Dr Pete Wedderburn, a vet who writes a column in the Daily Telegraph, the owner of Molly asked the expert what steps can be taken to stop this behaviour.

Dr Wedderburn first suggests putting child locks on the fridge and any cupboards that Molly may invade.

Next, he suggests hiding her dog food so that she has to work before she gets to eat.

"Feed her meals in a way that uses up mental and physical energy rather than just in her normal bowl: buy rubber Kong toys, stuff them with her food and put them in the deep freeze overnight," Dr Wedderburn wrote.

Finally, the vet suggests looking into a new type of dog food that contains more bulky fibre, meaning Molly will feel full.