Greedy dog ate diamond ring

Tuesday, 10th July 2012

High-fibre dog food was used to recover a priceless family heirloom after the family's Labradoodle scoffed it.

Cyd Hanson, from Ohio, US, realised that her dog, Louie, had eaten the diamond ring after she took it off and put it on the kitchen table, reports the Daily Mail.

She rushed Louie to the vet, where they did an X-Ray of the dog's stomach. The findings showed that the 1943 ring belonging to Ms Hanson's grandmother was in Louie's stomach.

The news provider quotes her as saying: "I had put two rings on the side table and my son said 'watch out mum, Louie might eat that ring'.

"I looked round and thought 'hold on, never mind about that ring, where's the other one?'"

After 24 hours and a meal of high-fibre dog food, the ring appeared much to relief of his owners.

It is not unusual for dogs to eat non-food objects. A Rottweiler recently swallowed a spoon after being fed strawberries and cream from it.