Gordon Ramsey: Dogs are a lifesaver at dinner parties

Friday, 2nd November 2012

Sweary TV chef Gordon Ramsey has revealed he only goes to dinner parties when the hosts have dogs – in case he needs a quick way to get rid of bad-tasting food.

"If I do [go to dinner parties] I always check out one important thing – do they have any dogs? Because if the food is that s*** I can always slip it to the dogs," he said.

While the culinary kingpin's solution to dodgy cooking may keep his friend's canines happy (if not his actual friends), it can also be a risky business for their health. While some 'people foods' are safe for dogs, there is a hefty list of items that could induce sickness.

According to Pedigree, grapes, raisins and tomatoes are a particular no-no, as they are toxic to dogs and can damage their kidneys. Even a tiny cherry tomato could give your pooch a nasty gastro-intestinal upset.

Some species of mushrooms are also toxic to them, and as such owners should play it safe and avoid giving their pet any kind of these. Also be on the lookout for them in the back garden and when going for walkies.

Onions are also a little-known offender – if overfed these a dog's red blood cell count can fall, leading to anaemia and breathing problems.

Most owners will recognise that sugary foods should be sidestepped too – sweets containing common sweetener Xylitol can cause animal blood sugar to plummet, leading to seizures, loss of co-ordination and even death. Chocolate can also be fatal, with just an ounce capable of poisoning some dogs. Stick to special dog chocolates for treats instead, and overall always feed your pooch a trusted dog food rather than leftovers.