Golden retriever Pappy the latest pink-furred celebrity dog

Thursday, 29th November 2012

Dying your pet dog's fur pink is seemingly the latest craze among animal-loving celebrities.

Over the summer, Emma Watson was pictured out and about with her pet, with the Harry Potter star's four-legged friend boasting bright pink fur.

Now, the Daily Mail has published photos of Peaches Geldof's pooch Pappy sporting a similar look as she was taken for walkies around north London.

As well as having had her ears dyed pink, the golden retriever was also snapped with a pink tail.

Speaking to her followers on Twitter, Peaches posted a picture of her pet along with the caption" "Ladies and gentlemen, introducing a hot new hound on the fashion scene – Parpy Pink Ears!"

This comes just days after a dog from Worcester made the headlines across the UK.

Lily the hairless shar pei dog recently lost all her fur, prompting her owner to buy her a tiger-striped onesie to keep warm this winter, much to the amusement of the town's residents.