Golden Retriever best breed 'to pick up date'

Monday, 17th October 2011

People who buy dog food for a Golden Retriever may find they are more likely to get amorous attention while out and about with the animal.

This is because new research shows the breed is most likely to lead to the owner getting a date, reports

According to a study by The SimsTM 3 Pets, 15 per cent of men think having an animal would help them seem more attractive.

It also found that 36 per cent of women would find it easier to talk to a man if they were walking a dog.

The breeds most attractive for a man to have were Golden Retriever (19 per cent), Boarder Collie (12 per cent) and a Labradoodle (seven per cent).

Claire Ridley, UK marketing manager at Electronic Arts, told the news provider: "These results show that dogs really can be man and woman's best friend by helping to stimulate conversation and sow the early seeds of attraction. 

"Larger, long haired dogs take the lead when it comes to appealing to women, making them an ideal companion ... and flirting tool for men!"

However, people should not pick a breed based on how helpful it would be at getting the owner a date, as a spokeswoman for the Kennel Club recently said different breeds suit different lifestyles.