Girls Aloud, but dogs aren't

Friday, 15th March 2013

Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding suffered a slight mishap on stage this week when she forgot the lyrics to one of the band's songs, later explaining that she had been so distraught at hearing that her pet French bulldog would not be allowed to accompany the group on the remainder of their tour that she fluffed her lines.

According to the Scottish Daily Record, Harding was given the news just moments before the girl band were due to go on stage in Glasgow, where they were performing a gig as part of their 'Ten: The Hits Tour', and was unable to focus on singing.

The pet, named Yogi, will have to stay in the UK while the group travel to Ireland because of recent changes in legislation which made it impossible for the dog to be granted a passport.

Anyone planning to travel with a pet should be aware that the process of transporting animals across international borders can be lengthy and expensive, with a lot of paperwork to fill out and pet medications to buy.