German Shepherd chases big cat

Thursday, 23rd February 2012

A German Shepherd took the stereotype of dogs chasing cats to a new level in California recently.

Cody, the dog, chased a 110lb mountain lion up a tree in Los Altos, California, leaving the animal perched up there for three hours after, reports the Daily Mail.

Janice Mackey, from the Department of Fish and Game, told the San Francsisco Chronicle: "The dog didn't know what he was chasing. He probably thought it was another dog until it climbed the tree."

The dog chased the big cat at 7.30am into the tree and the lion reached a branch around 40 ft above ground.

According to Ms Mackey, mountain lions are solitary creatures that prefer to be by themselves. The spokeswoman added that a state biologist arrived shortly after the chase and monitored the animal until it came down and walked away.

She is quoted as saying: "He was probably cruising around looking for breakfast and maybe he chased a rabbit into the yard."