Forget festive chocolate treats for dogs, vet advises owners

Wednesday, 28th November 2012

With Christmas now just around the corner, pet owners up and down the land will be considering splashing out on treats for their four-legged friends.

However, while almost every human would enjoy receiving some chocolate on Christmas Day, vets are once again warning dog owners about the dangers of feeding dairy products to their pets.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, the paper's resident vet has advised owners to make sure their pets stick to a healthy, balanced and dog-specific diet, and to resist the temptation of switching specialist dog food for something a little more festive over the holiday season.

"Just because humans would get bored with a dried diet doesn't mean that the same applies to dogs," the expert notes.

He adds, however, that some variety can be a good thing, though treats should only account for ten per cent of a dog's daily calories.

Similarly, across the Atlantic, a vet has advised readers of the Arizona Daily Sun that chocolate is toxic to dogs, and can even kill.