Footballer's dog eats ten Brillo pads

Thursday, 13th December 2012

Everyone knows WAGS can't be trusted, but one professional footballer was left stunned when he discovered what his other wagging companion – his pet boxer – had been getting up to while he was playing away.

Southend United midfielder Marc Laird returned home from a game to find that five-year-old Kia had swallowed ten Brillo pads, leaving her with a bit more than just indigestion.

After being rushed to hospital, Kia had to undergo a two-hour emergency operation to remove the pads, and joins a long list of dogs who have defied belief by chowing down on some improbable items.

Perhaps the most famous of these is Kyle the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who, at just six months old, swallowed a 15-inch serrated knife – despite measuring only 18 inches himself!

Fortunately, and perhaps miraculously, neither Kia nor Kyle came to any harm and have both had the 'alien' objects removed from their systems.

Dog owners should try to keep dangerous items out of their pets' reach, and only feed them the most nutritional brands of dog food from brands such as James Wellbeing.