Footballer ends up with 10 Bernese Mountain Dogs

Tuesday, 6th December 2011

Manchester United footballer Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira is having to buy a lot more dog food than he bargained for.

Anderson purchased two Bernese Mountain Dogs without realising they were of the opposite sex.

The dogs ended up breeding and produced eight puppies, which the 23-year-old is now stuck with.

A source from the football club said: “He's been asking the lads if they fancy a dog - they all think it's hilarious.

“He’s even approached people in parks while walking the dogs to see if he can find any takers. But at the moment he’s stuck with them and these things grow to be enormous. He'll have to buy a castle to house them all.”

Adult Bernese dogs, on average, can grow to between 40 and 55 kilos. They were originally kept as general farm dogs.

Anderson was signed by Manchester United in 2007. He is currently out with a knee injury until February 2012.