Few people willing to adopt Staffordshire Bull Terriers, charity says

Monday, 17th October 2011

Many Staffordshire Bull Terriers have to be fed dog food in rescue homes and most are even turned away from these establishments as people do not want to adopt this breed.

That is according to the Blue Cross, which has said it has to turn away nine out of ten Staffies because there are not enough people willing to adopt them and not enough space to keep them.

One Staffie that has finally got a place in a rescue centre is Solly, who had to wait seven months for a place.

Solly was owned by a family from Bury, but a family illness meant that they were no longer able to look after the animal.

Sarah Bussell, Tiverton Blue Cross centre manager, said: "Sadly, Solly's situation is a common one. There are so many unwanted Staffies and just not enough homes for them.

"In this case, his family have made the responsible decision to find him a new home, but because so many of this kind of dog are being abandoned, it means rehoming them can be difficult."

The Kennel Club recognised the Staffordshire Bull Terrier as a breed on May 25th 1935.