Farewell to Nipper the HMV dog

Wednesday, 16th January 2013

With the news this week that one of the nation's most popular high street entertainment retailers has collapsed into administration, people up and down the country are preparing for life without Nipper, the famous Jack Russell terrier featured in the HMV logo.

Nipper, who was born in Bristol in 1884 and owned by Mark Henry Barraud, rose to fame when the iconic image of him listening to a gramophone was bought by HMV and began appearing on high streets across the country.

The painting is thought to be the work of Nipper's "uncle", Francis Barraud – Mark's brother – who described the piece of art as "the happiest thought I ever had", according to the Guardian.

Shoppers will now have to go without the sight of the much loved dog, although anyone who feels the need to fill this hole with a terrier of their own may be interested in contacting their local animal shelter, where they will find a number of abandoned animals in need of a loving home.

Before committing to adopting a pet, prospective owners must take into consideration their own finances and their ability to provide the necessary levels of care, and should be aware that medical bills and pet food can be expensive.