Family dog taken suspected to be a banned breed

Friday, 4th November 2011

A family was unable to feed their pet dog food for two weeks after the animal was seized by police.

Blue, a Staffie cross, was taken by police because they suspected it may be a banned breed. After carrying out tests, they found it was not and returned it to the family, reports the Lancashire Evening Post.

Layla Scott, Blue’s owner, told the news provider: “In front of my three kids, they decided to seize the dog and haul him into a box. My kids were delirious as you would be.”

A spokesman for Lancashire police, responded: “We are disappointed to hear that the owner of the dog wasn’t happy with the service she received and would always encourage anyone who is less than satisfied to raise their concerns directly with us.”

Ms Scott is now calling for reform to the law regarding dangerous dogs.

Banned dogs have to be kept on a lead in public, muzzled, registered, insured, neutered, tattooed and be microchipped.