Fallen soldier's dog brought back to the UK

Friday, 17th June 2011

A stray pooch who was looked after by a shot soldier in Afghanistan is set to tuck into some dog food after being transported to the UK.

Three-year old mongrel Peg was cared for by Pte Conrad Lewis, of 4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment, who was shot while patrolling an area in Helmand province.

Peg, who was named by the soldiers after the winged-horse Pegasus which appeared on the regiment's emblem, is in quarantine until November but will eventually be looked after by Mr Lewis' family, reports the BBC.

Tony Lewis, father of Mr Lewis, revealed that his son had formed a good relationship with the dog and had mentioned her in letters.

"At Christmas, on leave, he said he would like to bring her home," he told the news provider.

"She is our link to him out there, doing the job that he did. She was by his side."

The family have vowed to visit Peg every weekend until he is released from quarantine.