Expert reveals how to find the 'best' dog food

Wednesday, 30th March 2011

An expert has offered some advice on how to pick the 'best' dog food for their pooches.

Susan Davis, a certified clinical nutritionist who provides holistic pet health consultations to cat and dog owners, offered her top tips on buying dog food in an article on

Ms Davis revealed that the best dog food will vary between animals, with certain brands being better for different mutts.

When it comes to picking out dog food, she advises: "A good pet food should contain meat, poultry or fish clearly identifiable in the first ingredients. It should contain ingredients that you have heard of such as peas, carrots, fish, etc.

"Ideally, it should contain a variety of nutritious ingredients such as lean meat, vegetables and omega 3 fatty acids."

The expert added that dog food should have a "nice balance" between carbohydrates, protein, fibre and fats.

Songstress Lily Allen may be interested in Ms Davis' advice, as she recently got a Irish Wolfhound puppy named Dermot.