Every season 'offers walkers something different'

Monday, 4th July 2011

People considering packing up their pooch's dog food and taking their four-legged friend away for a walking break can do so all year round in Britain.

Des De Moor, the Ramblers senior everyday walking officer, explained that while spring an autumn are the most popular times to go for a walking holiday, the other two seasons offer plenty as well.

He said: "Every season has something different to offer walkers, from getting out to enjoy the spring blossoms, taking autumn wanders in your local woodland, or a winter stroll in snow covered surroundings.

"Even walking in the rain can be a joy so long as you’re equipped with good waterproof clothing and footwear."

Mr De Moor added that the majority of Britain is safely accessible by foot but warned that you should be properly equipped if going anywhere high or remote.

He explained that these sorts of places are more of an issue in winter and summer because conditions are more extreme.