English Springer Spaniel finds loving new home after being starved

Tuesday, 19th June 2012

An English Springer Spaniel whose owner had not fed him dog food to the point where he looked like a "bag of bones" has found a loving new home.

Frisko was found by the Scottish SPCA after being alerted by a local dog warden to the neglect taking place.

His owner, John Reay, was banned from keeping animals for three years and was given a 70 hour community payback order.

Inspector Louise Seddon, who found the animal, said: "The vet who examined Frisko said it was one of the worst cases of emaciation he had seen in a dog in his 30 years of practice. He was literally just a bag of bones."

She added that while the SSPCA welcome the conviction, they were disappointed that he was not banned from owning animals for life.

After putting on plenty of weight, Frisko made a full recovery and is now healthy and happy with a loving new owner.