English Bull Terrier gets stuck in a gate

Monday, 23rd January 2012

An impatient English Bull Terrier was no doubt pleased to be back at home eating his dog food after getting stuck in a metal gate.

The RSPCA was called out on Christmas Eve, when a member of the public called the charity for its help with a dog at Brynmally Park in Pentre Broughton, near Wrexham.

RSPCA inspector Phil Lewis said: "The poor dog must have been in a bit of a hurry to decide to go through the gate without waiting for it to be opened first.

"Dogs are curious creatures and do often like to stick their head through gates to investigate!"

After around 30 minutes of being stuck in the gate, the dog took a sharp breath in and managed to squeeze out.

Mr Lewis added that the charity is grateful to the caller who asked for assistance while the dog’s owner stayed with the aniamal. He also thanked North Wales Fire Service for its help, as they were called but the dog had gotten free before they arrived.