Dogs make the best mums

Friday, 7th December 2012

A Dalmatian in Brazil is making up for the fact that her recent litter didn't reach 101 by adopting a piglet and a kid into her brood, according to the Telegraph.

The mother has been filmed allowing the young goat and pig to suckle her alongside her puppies, with the video subsequently posted on the internet.

While the two adoptees share the same black and white colour pattern of the Dalmatians, they'll no doubt be hoping that the disguise doesn't fool everyone – just in case the video makes its way to Cruela DeVille.

The news comes as pets all over the world are making the news for their motherly generosity, with a dog named Tally adopting three tiger cubs in a zoo in Russia after they were abandoned by their mother.

While this type of animal adoption may seem like a touching gesture, pet owners should be aware that all animals have different dietary requirements, and shouldn't try to feed dog food to other pets.